13 more built in online bookmarks for blogger

22 January, 2008

Here is 13 more built in bookmarkers you can use on your blogger / blogspot blog. There are Furl.net, ma.gnolia.com, blinkbits.com, meneame.net, simpy.com, myweb2.search.yahoo.com, digg.com, del.icio.us, ocio.fresqui.com, reddit.com, blinklist.com, netvouz.com, and of course technorati.com

here is the demo:

Furl Ma.gnolia Blinkbits Meneame Simpy Yahoo DiggIt! Del.icio.us Fresqui Reddit Blinklist Netvouz Technorati

I have created 2 different version of this trick for you. that is the one for bookmarkers inside your post, and the another one is bookmarkers for outside of your post.on the download zip below, you will find 2 separated files, there are

  1. blogger-bookmark-inside-post.txt
  2. blogger-bookmark-outside-post.txt

What is the different?

1. blogger-bookmark-inside-post.txt is only applicable inside of a post widgets. while the blogger-bookmark-outside-post.txt is applicable anywhere.

so the outside-post is better then the inside post? well it depends. the outside codes will grabs the current link, and the current title of the browser. What does that means? It means, on default configuration, the title would be something like this: Your Blog Title Here : Then Your Post Title Here.

While on the inside code, it will just Your Post Title Here.

Are you confuse now? Good. then just download this codes below, and try it your self, so you’ll understand. Don’t forget to backup your template first. thanks!


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