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21 January, 2008

So easy, Just do this steps;

1. Go to your Dashboard

2. Go to Template Tab

3. There you will see a widget manager. Click Add a Page Elements on the section you want to place the recent comment.

4. Now you should see a list of widget elements you can pick. click on the Add to Blog Button under HTML/Javascript. this element is useful if we want to add a 3rd party functionality or other code. so we pick this. remember to choose this elements each time you need to add third-party codes.

5. Now you should have a new popup window open,
- Leave the title blank
- And go to the content area.
- Copy this Code and paste on that widget content area.

Please note: you should change the “http://YourBlogNameHere.blogspot.com” on the code with your own blog url.

6. Click Save Changes

7. Refresh your blog and done.

If you are having problem installing this widget then just click on button "Add Recent Comment To Your Blog" The widget will get installed automatically

But still, you need to edit the “http://YourBlogNameHere.blogspot.com” on the code with your own blog url.

Based on the post by Jackbook.com

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