Recent Posts Widget for Blogger

21 January, 2008

With “Recent posts” widget you can show recently posted posts or you can say all posts in one list which may help your visitor to browse around your blog or site.

Here’s the procedure on how to in stall the widget on your blog :

Just copy the above code and paste it in new widget/Add page Element of your blog.
Also, don’t forget to add your sitename in the last line of HTML code where I’ve mentioned “http://yoursitename.blogspot.com”.
I mean just replace it with your sitename and you are done.
The above code refers to recent 10 postings from your blog. But if you want to change it you change it by changing the number of "numposts" in the given code

Example - If you want to show 5 posts instead of 10 then simply change numposts to 5 which will become :- numposts = 5

1 Responses:

Sanjeev Says:

is this script works if the blogger is installed on our own server instead of blogspot.com.
Ex: www.mysite.com/blog

The will it works? if so then what modification we need to do to make it work