Get Your Blog/Website Indexed To Google.com

20 January, 2008

Hey guys many people and my friends are asking me that how can i get my blog to Google and other big search engines ?
So it felt necessary for me to help all of that peoples and friends through this post

You all need to do following steps to get your blog in the search engines

Indexing Blog into Google.com

Step 1 > Go to http://www.google.com/addurl/
Step 2 > Fill up the form and your blog will be listed in maximum of 10 days

Indexing Blog into Yahoo.com

Step 1 > Go to http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/dir/suggest/suggest-01.html
Step 2 > Just follow the simple steps given on this page and get your blog listed

Guys this was for 2 major sites if you want to index your blog to other search engines then you need to do is just type "Add Url" in to search engine and add your blog
So isn't That So simple ?????

Advantages of getting your blog listed in to search engines

The Main advantage of getting your blog into search engine is for Getting more and more traffic to your blog which make your blog popular.

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